JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – In part two of our Repairing Mississippi, 12 News investigates three counties in the Metro area and the work they are putting in to help fix the roads.

12 News’ Lanaya Lewis visited Rankin, Madison, and Warren Counties, speaking to local city officials about how they plan to address various road work issues and how state and taxpayer money is being spent.

In Warren County, crews have been working hard to restore parts of the county that were slammed by this year’s historic flooding.

Larry Flowers, Warren County’s Road Manager, says “From potholes all the way to erosion beside the roads that has worked itself into the shoulder, up into the white lines of the pavement… and then during these tornadoes and bad weather we have a bunch of trees down.” 

According to Flowers, Warren County has 455 roads to maintain, and 100 of those are made of gravel. But despite this year’s severe weather, only one road remains blocked off – Shell Beach Road in Eagle Lake.

In Madison County, crews have around 1,500 roads to maintain, but county officials there say the groundwork is being laid to help fix old roads that have been worked on numerous times.

Tim Bryan, Madison County Engineer, says: “A lot of county roads have been roads that started off as wagon trails, that became gravel roads, then became pavement roads, and a lot of these times the subgrade is not adequately maintained or built. So expansive clays are a big problem.” 

In Madison County’s case, the county has a plan to help finish several projects in the works, including: spending $6.5 million dollars to resurface county roads, expanding both Reunion Parkway and Weisenberger Road, and a project near Gluckstadt Road.

In Rankin County, officials say the intersection of Highway 25 and Holly Bush is getting a major facelift and is one of many projects completed in recent memory. According to the county, they maintain 1,800 public roads, and have only had to close 10 for repairs.

If you need to report road repairs in any of these three counties, call the following numbers:

  • Madison County: (601) 855-5670
  • Rankin County: (601) 825-1475
  • Warren County: (601) 636-1431