Republican candidate for Hinds Co. Supervisor compares district to 3rd world country


District three for the first time in almost thirty years has two new campaigns gunning for the seat and one of them is not Supervisor Peggy Calhoun. 

After deciding to not seek re-election her husband and current District 68 representative Credell Calhoun is running for the democrats, but one republican is also stepping up to run.

“I qualified as a Republican, but I’m not a Republican I’m an Independent,” Candidate Ponto Downing explained. 

Downing who’s no stranger to running in local politics doesn’t recognize the Hinds County as the place it was when he was growing up. 

“It’s not too late hopefully but they’ve turned it into a third world country,” Downing said. “Since the election of Harvey Johnson in 1997 it’s been totally downhill.”

Walking us through his streets off Capitol, Downing showed up boarded up homes, streets filled with trash and pothole covered roads. Something he’s confident his leadership can quickly address. 

“If I get elected to Hinds County Board of Supervisors if they will seat me everything will change overnight,” Downing stated. “The Budget will double. Jackson has never asked. Jackson, Mississippi and Hinds County are antagonistic and argumentative towards HUD.”

Downing sees none of these issues getting solved if the Calhoun name and democratic leadership continues to represent the hinds district. 

“Jackson, Mississippi has no tax base, two thirds of the people in Jackson are on welfare,” Downing claimed. “So, you’re never going to succeed with that type of formula, you’re going to need outside help. But now we’ve got Jackson and Hinds County who are antagonistic towards federal government.”

If elected downing also promised to take a strong pro-life stance against the Jackson Women’s Health Organization wanting it shutdown. 

“2903 North State Street I want it closed,” Downing said. “I’m not going to rest until it is closed. I’m not going to rest until it is closed it’s the only remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi. Nobody talks about it but I want it closed, it operates illegally.”

We reached out to candidate Credell Calhoun for response on his campaign stance but never heard back.

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