Republican rally urges people to ‘Get Out and Vote’


HATTIESBURG, Miss (WJTV) – Voters got to enjoy a good meal and learn more about republican candidates in the area.

12 News Justin Polk has more about their ‘Get Out and Vote Campaign’.

Different parties are working to encourage people to exercise their civic duty.

“It’s an American privilege a right we owe it to our patriots And ancestors who fought. It’s an Honor to vote,” said Rebekah Ray.

Melissa Love agreed. “It’s very important to vote in the future of our country not just local but on a statewide level and a national it’s very very important.”

We caught up with citizens in Hattiesburg to see how they feel about voting.

“For years I didn’t register because I thought my vote didn’t count,” said Cheryl Turnage. “I didn’t feel like one but would make a difference but it does, it most definitely does get out there register your vote counts make it count don’t sit back and complain about something that you were not going to help fix.”

“Yeah, I think they should you know. It’s been a lot for us to even as it is African-Americans to get the chance to go so regardless what goes on I wish I cast my ballot in something and just always try to make sure that the right just don’t basically go out of style,” said Damion McNair.

Candidate Delbert Hosemann also made an appearance at the rally to talk about his run for Lt. Governor.

“We have been talking about healthcare infrastructure and education talk about Hollywood Oak Grove enough been there many times and we’re going to raise teacher salaries every year we’re going to fund pre-K in every place in Mississippi there are 9000 children haven’t taken a vantage of pre-K and then we’re gonna be talking about infrastructure in the service”

Hosemann is running against State Representative Jay Hughes for Lt. Governor.

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