Residents at Camelot Apartments deal with more issues after flooding


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)- January 14th is a day many at Camelot Apartments in Jackson, said they would not forget.

Torrential downpour caused severe flooding, prompting water rescues, and damage to many units.

A tenant at Camelot Apartments didn’t want to leave her name but said,
“This time it actually flooded the inside. It damaged all of my furniture and they aren’t trying to reimburse for anything,”

Nearly two weeks after the flooding, people who lived on the first floor of the complex said they were being told to move, so that maintenance crews could effectively fix the damage. They exclusively told 12 News Shay O’Connor it was only causing more issues for them.

“On a Friday at 4 p.m. a letter was placed on my door saying I had to move out ASAP. I was actually just waiting for them to come and fix everything. But it was last minutes notice. They aren’t giving the deposits back. I could have used that money to move but it’s been an inconvenience,” said one tenant.

The managers at Camelot Apartments said they were working to help those affected. We were told every tenant on the bottom floor had the option to move free of charge to another unit within the complex, or move to another complex they manage. Management said if people wanted to move altogether, there would be no penalty. Shelters were also being offered.

Tenants said:
“They offered me a one bedroom apartment. Right across from the creek back there that is the source of the problem. I kind of took it as a joke.”

“There are just as many people downstairs as upstairs. If you try to take everyone downstairs and give them an upstairs apartment, obviously someone’s not going to get something.”

The two residents said they wanted more help from management, their deposits back and help moving.

The City of Jackson said Camelot management was handling things the right way. COJ said options had been offered, and management worked hard to accommodate those affected during the repair process.

In the meantime, everyone at Camelot Apartments said they just hope they will not have to deal with another flood in the area, anytime soon.

The City of Jackson told WJTV that work was done on the creek behind the apartment complex to try to prevent the area from flooding again.

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