Residents express concern over sewage spew in North Jackson


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — For years, a community says they have had sewage spill into their yards, affecting their way of living.

The most recent problem centers around the Tougaloo community. Local residents say sewage has been spewing in the area of Brown Street for about a year now.

Michael Thompson, a concerned resident, said, “It’s been going on for too long.” He among others hope that this time, city leaders come up with a permanent solution, and put a cap to the stench.

Tammie Nelson lives in the neighboring North Hills apartment complex.

“We have elderly people, we have kids out here that need to drink this water, who also come out here, and we don’t want to smell that,” said Nelson. “It’s too bad out here.”

The stench is said to worsen at night, in the hot summer months in Jackson.

“At night, you got a cool breeze coming in. The sun is not shining, you’re trying to sit out and enjoy the coolness,” Thompson said. “You can’t enjoy the coolness when you’re smelling this.”

While locals say there have been temporary solutions, it’s not enough.

Residents like Nelson say they just want city leaders to take action and resolve the sewage spill, for the wellbeing of the Tougaloo community.

“Nobody really knows about here [Tougaloo] until you see something bad on here, or you see something in the police, but this doesn’t have anything to do with that. This is about the sewage, trying to make sure people live right, make sure people are not getting sick.”

If push comes to shove, Tougaloo area residents say they will continue to fight for the wellbeing of their community to rectify the sewage spill.

WJTV 12 has reached out to the city of Jackson and have yet to hear back.

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