JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Rooster’s among many other restaurants has changed everything about the way they conduct their business.

Owner Nathan Glenn said he and his staff are trying to leave the past behind and move on, now that another stimulus package may be in the cards.

“Take the losses we’ve taken this year and just kinda move toward next year,” Glenn said.

It’s something he looks forward to taking advantage of.

“The big thing is trying to make sure we can continue our companies,” Glenn said. “Our businesses, our employees. We take a lot of responsibility with that. We’re just looking to kinda get the reboot happening.”

Right across the street is Green Ghost Tacos, they’ve been dealing with the same hardships and are also looking forward to these options.

“To keep the restaurant going and provide jobs for my employees, keep everybody staffed,” Cesar Torres, Green Ghost owner said. “Right now has been some up and down and hard times for people and I think this new stimulus package will help us maintain our crews and staff and continue to deliver the food we know how to make.”

Both owners said that one of the main areas they’ll be able to focus on with this package is staffing. They had to let a few people go when lockdown began but they’re looking forward to being able to put time and energy back into their employees.

“We’re also looking to hire people!” Glenn said.

“It will help everybody out to continue working,” Torres said.

The exact release date and quantities for these options are not exactly clear yet, businesses are encouraged to apply for a paycheck protection program.