RIDGELAND, Miss. (WJTV) – The Ridgeland mayor and Board of Aldermen are still not funding the Ridgeland Library unless they agree to sign a two page memorandum of understanding. This all follows controversary surrounding the display of LGBTQ books.

The memorandum is calling for the library and the Madison County Library System (MCLS) board of trustees to make a few changes.

The city leaders say the current agreement between the two parties is outdated and was established in 2009.

In the memorandum, the city is asking the chairman of the board of trustees to come before each newly elected board of aldermen and present the existing contract between them and the city.

The MCLS will be required to appear before the board of aldermen each year before they adopt a budget for library funding. The library also has to develop a system to address complaints by the public that will be written and readily available to the public.

City leaders hope the memorandum of understanding will create a better line of communication between the city and the library.

“We’re not trying to run a library here but, it’s funded by taxpayers’ money. The Ridgeland branch is located within a city owned building and as the representatives of the Ridgeland taxpayers we believe that we do have an interest and not a say in how to run it daily but, if there’s problems that arise or complaints that arise we want to be able to know about those things so that is part of what’s in the agreement that I think is great and I hope they feel the same way,” said Ward 6 Alderman Wesley Hamlin.

The MCLS and the Ridgeland Branch has until Friday, April 8 to respond to the proposed memorandum.

City leaders said it is not their intentions to ban or remove any content but they do want the library to use more discretion about what types of books that are openly displayed.