Road washed away by flooding in Franklin County


FRANKLIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Due to a recent storm, Burt Jordan Road in Franklin County has been closed after part of it washed away.

UPDATE: 10:50 p.m. – Record level flooding swept through parts of Franklin County overnight and people are left to clean up what’s left after things washed away.

Roads are also cut off and will be closed for up to two weeks due to water damage. Infrastructure may be torn up but people in Franklin County are counting their blessings after flash flooding brought water right up to camper doorsteps but no ones hurt.

Off Sand Hill Ln. the Hilton Family jumped out of bed to find the Homochitto River rushing over their yard and only six inches from getting in their campers.

“All my patio furniture, everything was floating and we knew we were in trouble,” Pam Hilton told us. “The water was too high up for us to get in our cars and too swift. We saw parts of the fence floating off.”

Emergency Management showed up but both ends of the road were engulfed. The Hilton’s were one of three rescues in the county Thursday.

“They couldn’t get the boat in here because the people bringing it in didn’t know the terrain and they would bottom out,” Hilton continued. “They couldn’t get in so we waited it out.”

Down Burt Jordan Rd. off Highway 84 powerful runoff took a major chunk out of the road at the bottom of the hill. Cutting off one of the few roads connecting 84 to Highway 98.

“This road actually acts as a dam between the property on the east side and west side,” Glen Jackson explained. “If it has eight inches of rain it just blows that pipe out and it’s happened several times.”

“They cleaned it out and have a cover ordered, it should be here in the next week or week and a half,” Franklin County EMA Director said. “Hopefully they’ll have this road opened in the next week and a half or two weeks.”

In the meantime, homeowners along the road are relying on their four-wheelers to get around. Barriers are also set up, but one woman on Burt Jordan was caught off guard before they all were up and swerved off the road crashing.

“Kind of shocked me because I was wondering what was going on,” driver Kiruston Hickingbottom said. “So when I hit breaks I kind of slid. I was just going to hit the bank but I didn’t want to flip the car. So, I just let it go up the hill, and afterward, they came and put the signs up.”

We’ve all heard the phrase turn around don’t drown, but in this case on Burt Jordan Rd. if you don’t turn around when you see the barrier, you’ll flip your car.

The damage to the road happened just past the Horse Creek Road intersection.


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