JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – WJTV was on scene  when police chased down a burglary suspect.

A lot of people who live in that Jackson neighborhood tell us they been living in fear for the past few days.

“I just saw police cars. They were running and they were going all down here.”

It was like a scene from a movie outside of Estella Coleman’s home on Lee Drive Wednesday afternoon.

An attempted traffic stop led police on a short car chase through the neighborhood.

” It’s nerve-racking because it’s close to where I’m living right now. It’s really nerve-racking. It is,” said Estella Coleman, a Jackson resident.

Police tried to pull over the man driving a white Ford F-250.

The stolen truck was involved in a break-in, Tuesday night at Southside Auto.

It took about an hour, but finally, police found one of the men in that truck.

He was arrested on Savanna Street.

Police also recovered stolen items, including several ATVs from a home that they believe one of those suspects lived in.

This all happened in an area that has fallen victim to several car and home break-ins in recent days.

“They were going through the stuff, opening glove compartments. They just left it like that,” said Amber Saunders, a Jackson resident.

The damage from those break-ins left behind many of those cars with busted windows.

Many of those owners were too afraid to go on camera.

“My parents are elders and I’m about to go off to college. The fact that I’m about to leave my parents to go off to college and have to deal with this stuff, is terrible,” said Saunders.

“It’s not a good feeling. I wouldn’t wish this on anybody.”

Sandra Powell is another one of those victims.

“One thousand dollars in cash, all my credit cards, driver’s license. All of my IDs, everything was in the car,” said Powell.

JPD has not connected these two suspects back to all of those crimes, however, they are definitely not ruling that out as a possibility.

“Stop it. It’s not worth it. We work hard for our stuff and you can do the same thing. It’s really not worth you breaking into cars taking cash,” said Saunders.

“I think they should go get a job or get an education. Something like I have done. Don’t just come take people’s belongings that they have worked hard for,” said Powell.

Police are still looking for that second suspect

We are told more arrests could come in the future.