ROC Nation urges Parchman to increase inmate COVID-19 testing


SUNFLOWER COUNTY (WJTV) – Team ROC attorneys submitted a legal filing, asking for the Mississippi courts to urge the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman to follow strict COVID-19 testing and compliance guidelines.

Rappers Jay-Z, Yo Gotti and their attorneys said they took action after learning that as of July 30, 2020, only 132 of the 2,034 individuals incarcerated at Parchman had been tested for the virus.

It’s a travesty that Parchman continues to neglect the lives of the people in their prisons and expose them to the deadly COVID-19 virus. Not only are they failing to comply with the basic COVID-19 prevention and testing protocols, but they’re recklessly spreading the virus within the prison by housing infected people with healthy ones. We even have concerns that our attorneys may have been exposed while visiting Parchman, which is why we’re calling for immediate transparency and stricter compliance.

Statement, Team ROC Attorney Marcy Croft


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