Rowan Elementary students ‘Move-To-Learn’


HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – Coach Larry Calhoun is a bit of superstar to many Mississippi students.

“I don’t know if they thought he was an animated character, but when they say him today they said ‘ooh look he’s real!’ So it was exciting for them to actually meet the person,” Rowan Elementary Kindergarten Teacher Dorothy Clayborne said.

For 4 years now Calhoun’s Move-To-Learn videos have reached over 100,000 kids across the state.

“All too often children associate school with something punitive…and all we’re trying to do is say school can be a positive place where you can have fun and learn,” Calhoun said.

Move-To-Learn is an initiative started by the Mississippi Department of Education and the Bower Foundation.

Teachers say they play the interactive videos in their classrooms and see changes in students, “We get the exercise in and it just kind of calms them down. And once the exercise is over and we say ‘1-2-3 sit,’ they are actually focused and ready to learn.”

Calhoun says over time the videos help behavior challenges to become less, children to focus, and academic aspects to improve.

Monday morning Rowan Elementary was full of kids excited about exercise. Not only did they get to moving, they also got a lesson in respect from Coach Calhoun.

“We’ve also heard teachers and administrators say that it’s good for the emotional climate of a school, particularly in a day that we live when violence is like everywhere,” Calhoun said.

Coach Calhoun even encourages parents to use move to learn videos at home.

Find downloadable videos by clicking here.

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