Sanctuary shouting match disrupts church service


Three years after the congregation gave the pastor the boot, there’s chaos in the church once again at New Galilean Missionary Baptist Church.

This time it’s the deacon board the congregation wants out.

Members came close to blows Sunday morning, in the sanctuary.

The years long power struggle has majority of the congregation giving the interim deacon board the pink slip.

“We allowed them three years to get it right. And we can’t get it right with them. And today we’re asking them to turn their keys in and leave,” Brenda Evans, a member of 16 years said.

Members say they voted earlier in the month to unseat the five men.

But according to the opposing congregation, the deacon board is holding the church hostage.

“They have been extremely rude. They don’t allow us to voice our opinions. And we know that by the bylaws of the church that the church power is in the pews,” Sheila Anderson, member of 4 years said.

In a letter passed around the sanctuary on Sunday morning, members claimed  the deacons disrespect elders, unlawfully attempt to have church members arrested, and threaten members by viewing individual tithing records.

Evans also claimed the deacons will prematurely end meetings and silence members by turning off the microphones and lights in the sanctuary.

When WJTV’s Candace Coleman tried to address the deacons about the vote and claims, more than one deacon entered her personal space, touched her camera, and told her to leave the premises.

Meanwhile, parishioners who voted the deacons out stated, “She’s authorized to be here. You guys are no longer the deacons. The members voted you out.”

This isn’t the first shouting match at New Galilean.

In 2015, crowds verbally battled with each other over the removal of the pastor at the time.

The debacle ended with a judge ordering the congregation to create voting procedures.

They adopted those new procedures, and are now using them to vote out the deacon board.

The new interim pastor, Glendale Robinson, tried to end Sunday morning’s shouting match by beginning service.

But parishioners who support the deacons sang in the choir stand, preventing him from getting a word in.

The deacon board eventually left.

But instead of turning in their keys, they turned off the sanctuary lights and microphone, just as Evans stated.

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