Sandbagging stations set up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast


The storm in the Gulf is not expected to make landfall in mississippi, but people who live along the coast, may feel the effects.

Storm Team 12 meteorologist Jacob Lanier is in Harrison County where preps are underway.

This is the first storm of the season for the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding area and the local emergency management folks have their tropical storm protocol in place.

“Everybody needs to pay attention to the official track that y’all put out, what your meteorologist post.”

The gulf storm hasn’t even formed yet, but local residents are preparing.

“historically what we’ve seen in the past few years or so, they produce alot of rain. So, prepare for that and hope we don’t get the winds and we are able to dodge that.”

Inland low lying areas are most at risk due to the amount of expected rainfall.

“We have the materials, sand, sandbags, the shovels, if you want to come out and fill up sandbags and help protect your property.”

Coastal residents are relieve this time the main impact is rain… not hurricane force winds.

“For the next 12, 24, or 48 hours everybody is going to be doing a deep breath. Hopefully this thing will got to the west and go far to the west.”

Heavy rainfall is the primary threat for the entire state, but an isolated spin up tornado is always possible with tropical systems like this.

There are six locations in Harrison County available to bag sand to shore up homes and neighborhoods in low-lying areas.

For a list of locations for sandbags go to the Harrison County EMA website. Director Rupert Lacy says he expects other counties in the area to open additional sites.

StormTeam 12’s Jacob Lanier is down on the coast where people are beginning to prepare in anticipation of the weather.

Rainfall from the outer bands of a developing tropical depression is expected to reach the Mississippi coast Thursday evening on through the weekend. Forecasts anticipate as much as four inches of rainfall in the area.

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