Sanderson Farms Championship most difficult hole: Walt Grayson


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)- Walt Grayson has discovered that there is more to golf than just swinging a stick at a little ball.

Walt joins the Jackson Country Club’s head golf pro on one of the course’s more difficult holes and finds out it takes strategy to play golf- and, you can’t always believe your eyes.

“We’re standing here on the side of the t-box on hole number 15. This will be a pivotal hole during the tournament. This is a hole that will play between 305 yards and 330 yards. Which is a very short hole. There’s trouble lurking on a short hole. This particular hole is basically a redan hole which is a green that slopes away from the player. The hole appears to be- miss the fairway bunker in the middle and play it out to the right. That’s what John Folk the architect wanted you to think when you stood on this tee. So you do that, and now you’re faced with a really hard 40 yard shot over a bunker to a green that pitches away. So really the play is- straight at the flag, over the top of the bunker- challenge the tree line on the left-hand side. That’s really the only way that you are going to make a two on this hole. And the best way to make a three is the green opens up from the left side. Well, that’s where all the trouble is,” said Jason Prendergast, Head Golf Pro, Jackson Country Club.

Walt: What you can’t see behind the sand trap and the bunker is all the other little tricks that are there.

Jason: Yea. There’s 80 yards or 85 yards between this cross bunker and the green and so..

Walt: And you wouldn’t know that just standing here looking at it.

Jason: They did a great job of the top line of the bunker kind of filling in with the green surface and the bunkers that frame the green. So the ground actually pitches down over the top of that bunker and then turns around and pitches back up.

Walt: This is not when you need that little parabolic microphone out there to hear what the golfer is saying.

Jason: That’s correct.

Walt: When he goes and sees what’s actually on the other side of that bunker.

Jason: That is correct.

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