Scan South is helping families save memories


Laurie McCarthy uses technology to handle just about any memory you bring her.

Founder of Scan South, Laurie McCarthy, has a passion for converting old family photo albums and home videos into modern day technology form in an effort to help people save memories from one generation to the next.

Right now, you might find yourself with some extra time on your hands. If you need a project to do, how about going through all those old photo albums? Drag out the family slide collection and don’t forget the wedding video on the vhs tape. Gather all these family memories together and have them converted to a digital format, which can then be shared with family and friends who may be scattered far and wide. In a way, McCarthy’s business kind of started by accident.

“I talked to my friend across the street and her mom had just moved into her house and she wanted to show her mom some pictures on the computer and so I scanned those and then she told somebody at church,” said McCarthy. “At that point I was like, ‘Hey this could be something,’ you know.”

McCarthy can handle just about any memory you bring her.

“Now we can do photographs, slides, negatives, any kind of video, documents, and a lot of people have audio cassettes that they recorded their kids with,” she said. “We also do home movies; that’s another thing.”

There is nothing better than looking at the video tapes mom and dad took and sharing them with your kids…weird hairdos and all.

“People 20, 25 years ago in the 80s and 90s were video taping their kids and they haven’t seen their kids on these video tapes and now they’re grown up and, you know, it’s really exciting when they can see their kids,” she said.

“I love to do this. It’s like I found my calling. I can do a lot of things that my national competitors don’t do. I photoshop every picture that goes through here to correct them for the color, and if it’s faded or if it’s too red or too blue I can bring the color back to its original.”

With all of the extra time on our hands during this quarantine period, Scan South is making it easy, safe, and inexpensive to start organizing your old memories.

“I can put them on dropbox or however they want them delivered. In fact, today when I delivered back the things I put them on the porch and rang the bell and left so we didn’t come in contact with each other.”

Laurie is offering 30 percent off any project right now to make light of the quarentine and extra time spent in our homes.

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