Second gubernatorial candidate subscribes to Billy Graham rule


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)- We are just eight days away from the only televised GOP gubernatorial debate. On Monday, a second candidate says he would not be alone with a woman who was not his wife.

Bill Waller Jr. is the second candidate to say he follows the Billy Graham rule behind Robert Foster.
The move created a firestorm on social media and made national headlines after Foster said he wouldn’t allow a female reporter to shadow his campaign if they were going to be alone on the campaign trail.
Waller attended a republican forum on Monday.
After he left, Larrison Campbell with the Mississippi Today asked his stance on the Billy Graham rule in which a man won’t spend time alone with a woman besides his wife.

Campbell: Do you subscribe to the Billy Graham rule in your personal life?
Waller: Uh, yes I do.
Campbell: Does that concern you with, like, women you worked with in the past, terms of their advancement? How did you manage that, say, when you were chief justice of the supreme court? How did that work for you?
Waller: Very easy, I think. Any senior person in government office needs to have a second hand there so I never had an issue with it.
I always had a law clerk or another staff person in attendance so there was never an issue about it.

We talked to Campbell via Facetime about the interview. Last week, Mississippi Today reach out to a number of candidates, asking them their take on the Graham rule.

“He had an aide there today, and he said he will always have an aide there when he is interacting with the media and that’s
a very standard policy for a high profile candidate,” said Campbell.

Meantime, Foster has been making headlines after he denied having Campbell along with him on a trip while campaigning.

“Many successful business people both men and woman practice the rule of not being alone in a closed-door room with a member
of the opposite sex or who are riding alone in a vehicle with the opposite sex because it’s not professional in my opinion to do so
and the biggest thing here is that I have a vow with my wife that I put that first and foremost above anybody else’s feelings,” said Foster in an interview with CNN’s Michael Smerconish. “I understand she was offended, but my vow and my faith go before anyone else’s personal feelings.”

Campbell says they have a difference of opinions on the Graham rule, but it seems to be working for his campaign.

We reached out to Foster and Waller.
We haven’t heard back.
We also touched base with the reeves campaign to find out his take on the Graham-Rule.

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