Second largest spike in COVID-19 cases reported in Mississippi


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Following the Mississippi State Department of Health’s report of coronavirus cases from June 16, Generation Z and Millennials make up the highest number of cases.

People ages 18-29 in Mississippi account for 3,867 cases of the coronavirus.

Alisha McArthur Wilkes, Nurse Practitioner of Quinn Healthcare, believes the lack of concern with younger people comes from thinking that they will not get the virus.

“They’re still going about their daily lives as if nothing is going on, maybe not washing their hands as often not using hand sanitizer or coming in contact with others. And just because they don’t look like their sick, doesn’t mean they aren’t a carrier of the virus,” Wilkes explained.

Some people said they are doing their part to slow the spread, but it wasn’t always that way.

“I wasn’t following the guidelines, and I wasn’t wearing my masks like I was supposed to,” said Dana Carmichael, who falls into the Millennial category.

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Dana said she wasn’t taking things too seriously until a close family member contracted the virus.

“That’s when I started being more cautious and wearing my mask, because it’s like really real because it hit home.”

She said watching her loved one suffer is something that still hurts to recall. However, her family member was able to beat COVID-19.

Wilkes advises people in the younger generation to recognize the affect they can have on their family member’s health.

“Of course, grandma and grandpa aren’t going to kick them out of the house even though they know they’ve been around other people. I advise the Millennials to actually be conscientious and keep that in mind. Grandma, grandpa, mom and dad have weaker immune systems and can’t handle the same things the millennial can,” she explained.

Omar Elsabrouty decided to take his own personal health risk factors into account.

“I did it to protect my health and my families health. Now you gotta take it serious because you never know what could happen,” said Elsabrouty.

Both Omar and Dana hope younger people will recognize that the coronavirus is real.


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