Secret Santa helps apartment fire residents


HINDS COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – A secret Santa is teaming up with the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department to spread some holiday cheer.

They are helping a group of families that lost everything after their apartment building caught fire last Thursday.

“It’s devastating, but we will bounce back. We will be okay,” Annie Ellis, a Morningside Apartment resident, said.

Ellis is just one of the eight families that lost everything they own when a fire ripped through the Morningside Apartment complex in Raymond.

More than 30 people lived there. 16 of them were children, including a newborn baby.

“It’s a blessing that everybody made it out and we’re okay, but it has been hard. We are doing what we can day by day to get better and to get back where we were. We’re making it when the help of the community and people like him,” Ellis said.

She’s talking about a self-proclaimed secret Santa who teamed up with the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department to help these families. They were given a 25 dollar gift card for each person living in their apartment.

The secret Santa says it’s not a ton of money, but he’s hoping his gesture inspires

someone else to do the same.

“We hope this sends out a domino effect to other people in the community that they can reach out and help people too,” Sheriff Tyrone Lewis said. “This is not the only complex or situation in the last couple of weeks that finds people who are going to need some help.”

If you’re interested in helping any of the people displaced, you can contact the apartment management office at (601) 857-5529. You can also call the manager directly at (662) 607-5799.

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