Seven Deaths in One Month Because of Unsafe Sleeping Conditions


JACKSON, Miss. – Seven infants and children have died within the last month according to the Mississippi Department of Human Services. It all stems from unsafe sleeping conditions.

“Some things we don’t think about are the bumper pads in a baby bed or the comforter in a baby bed.” Tamara Garner, Bureau Director of Prevention and Protection for the Family and Children Services Division for MDHS says an overcrowded crib is a factor when it comes to unsafe sleeping. “We also have a lot of babies dies in Mississippi and across the country because they’re sleeping with parents. The best and safest place for a baby is on their back in their crib with no other blankets or pillows, stuffed animals or bed ruffles around it or anything like that,” adds Garner.

For Samantha Kalahar learning about the seven infant deaths hits home. Her son Hunter Heard died 11 years ago because of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

“He had no risk factors. He was average height average weight average on all milestones,” says Kalahar. Hunter was taking a nap when he suddenly quit breathing.

“It was traumatic for us. He was our first child and we had an empty hole in our hearts for the longest time. We still miss him. We wish he was a part of our lives.”

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