Seven men charged after rogue citizen poses as underage teen


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A West Michigan man has been posing as a teenage girl online in order to lure potential sexual predators into meeting with him. Then he records his confrontations with them and posts them online.

The man chats with strangers for weeks or in some cases months. Eventually, he gets the potential sexual predators to agree to meetings at various locations around Grand Rapids. To their surprise, they come face to face with the man.

Though the other men don’t know it, they’re being recorded. Those videos are then posted on a YouTube Channel called “Anxiety War.” That channel is going viral.

In each video, the man explains the conversations that took place online, going into graphic detail. He said the men admitted they were looking for an underage girl:

“I will be honest. I am looking for someone like you to please me… I seek sex. I am able to provide some $ compensation for that,” one man allegedly wrote, according to one of the videos.

In another online conversation, one of the alleged predators instructed the person he thinks is a teen girl, “No perfume please! Skirt with no panties would be hot.”

“This guy said that he’s always wanted to have sex with a virgin and that he has many sexual fantasies that have yet to become realities,” the man behind the camera described in another video.

The confrontations between the man behind Anxiety War and the met he met online are tense. The other men are typically stunned when he shows up and starts recounting their online conversations.

“You’re in big trouble,” the man behind the camera says in one video.

“Yeah, it’s about what I figured,” the other man says.

“I have to go home,” another of the alleged predators says in a video.

“Why? I thought you wanted to do this, right?” the man behind the camera says.

“Well, it was a bad idea,” the other man said.

“So why’d you show up?”

“Because I’m a dumb***,” the other man replied.

The man’s work seems to be paying off: Seven men face criminal charges after he gave the Grand Rapids Police Department logs of his online chats and copies of his video confrontations.

Police say Jered Andrus, 37; Dan Barnes, 58; Jacob Cassiday, 24; Brett Chaffin, 24; Phillip Crawford, 32; Aaron Russell, 19; and Zachary Snoeyink, 29, each face a felony charge of accosting a minor for immoral purposes.

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