VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) — Multiple dogs were found dead on Old Cain Ridge Road in Vicksburg. Tina Daffron, along with her brother were out gathering litter when they first spotted the dead animals. She said that there were seven-to-eight dogs and that this isn’t an unfamiliar incident on back roads of Vicksburg.

“I started crying because I lost a dog here recently and I’ve been looking since Thanksgiving Day and haven’t found him” said Tina as she describes her emotions upon finding the dogs.

She posted several pictures on Facebook of the animals in hopes to send a message to her community.

Based on the carcasses of the animals she says that it’s possible they have been there for nearly three weeks. Some with nothing left remaining except their bones.

Some of the dogs were picked up by The Vicksburg Animal Shelter and the police are investigating this case