Severe weather brings trees down in Jackson neighborhoods


Scary moments for people in several Hinds County neighborhoods. Strong winds brought snapped trees and brought powerlines down with them. Within a matter of seconds, a huge tree split at the top, landing across a driveway on Reddoch drive in Jackson.

“It was really scary,” Joseph Maxwell said. “A huge gust of wind came through and we were in the house and had been thinking about this big tree and what might happen. We suddenly heard the big crack and then a giant thud.”

Not far from this situation, a power line fell, along with tree limbs and branches.
The tree on Reddoch Avenue narrowly missed Maxwell’s house next door. He says the property where the tree landed is vacant so thankfully no one was inside. Regardless though, he tells us it was a terrifying sight to see.

“It was really scary and to be honest this tree, I have been worried about for at least 3 years since we moved in,” Maxwell said. “I knew one day something was going to happen because it was just sprawling and way too tall.”

In Belhaven, a similar scenario played out after a tree topped over, landing across part of Greymont Avenue. There were no injuries reported because of the downed tree, however, traffic will be blocked until it can be removed.

“Stay (weather) aware, “Maxwell said.” We were following the news on our phone and keeping up with updates. We were trying to stay on the farthest side away from the tree because we knew this one might come down.”

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