Sewer leaks surface on three different streets in Jackson


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – We visited three different neighborhoods around Jackson, all within three miles of one another where sewer leaks are getting homeowners furious.

We begin our sewer line break coverage here on Meadowlane Dr. where the average age of homeowners along this part of the street is in their retirement years. When sewer emerges in their yards, it can be dangerous for their health. 

According to several health websites inhaling in excessive amounts of sewage odor can cause permanent breathing difficulties, irritation around the eyes, nausea, and headaches.

For 45 years the Moore family has called this neighborhood off Northside Dr. home, but in the last two years dark sewer water has sprung out of the ground ruining the yard. 

“They fixed this about two years ago when it happened,” Henry Moore said. But it burst again, and we’ve called them for over two weeks. 

The Moore’s say the city did show up Monday and sucked all the sewage from the yard and cleared the ditch but didn’t replace the pipe. 

“I don’t think it’s fixed,” Moore continued. “They didn’t dig up any pipe and if it’s leaked once it’s going to leak again.”

“They mostly just stood around and in about two hours they were gone,” Annie Moore told us.

Still being charged nearly $50 for sewer and sanitation services, the Moore’s see this impacting their bills. Three miles away at the corner of Lawrence and Manhattan Rd. sewage is still coming out of the street. Right along routes where kids play.

“Scale of 1-10 I’m at a 20 of being tired of the city not doing what they’re supposed to do,” Nikki Rountree of Lawrence Rd. said.

Being on the corner the Roundtree family tells us the pressure backed up into their yard breaking their pipes. 

“So, I asked the city to come out and see what the water did,” Roundtree continued. “And they said they would but I’m still waiting. It’s coming up into our house, my plumbing is bad right now.”

Everyone we spoke to gave similar answers on what they’re told when reporting maintenance to Jackson Public Works. 

“We called them about it, and they said you’re on the list,” Henry claimed. “The man said I don’t know how long the list is. He said they only got one truck.”

“They’ll say well you’re on the waiting list,” Odell Jones of Lawrence Rd. said. “The last time I had called, they told me they didn’t have a truck it was getting fixed.” 

“I asked the city to come out and fix what the water did, and they said they would and I’m still waiting,” Roundtree said. 

“Someone was supposed to be coming out and look at it and no one ever came,” Barbra park off Normandy Dr. added. 

Meanwhile the Park household off Normandy Dr. discovered a sewer pipe missing from their drain ditch creating a toxic mess. 

“Especially during the summer, we noticed the smell has gotten a lot worse, mosquitoes have gotten bad,” Park stated. “But then just the odor knowing that there’s raw sewage we can’t enjoy the backyard much anymore.”

As for the case on Normandy Dr. the Park family tells us when the sewer line comes down from their house it just sits in the back of that ditch and unless it rains it never goes away. One of their neighbors at one point could smell the odor four streets away.

We reached out to the City of Jackson Public Works Department for explanations in these issues and their plans to solve the problems and are waiting to hear updates.

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