JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A company has created a way to share memories with seniors and your loved ones, during the pandemic.

Ashley Bloom Kenny got the idea for Heirloom after noticing her 92-year-old grandmother was missing moments of her great-grandchildren’s lives, and feeling lonely.

“As soon as we hung up, I wished I could sent her videos of my boys, and I had this video brochure. I took off those videos and put a couple of my sons, you should have heard the voicemail message she sent me.”, Kenny said.

Heirloom officially launched on Tuesday, providing an opportunity for you to send videos without needing WiFi or a smartphone.

“If you can open a greeting card you can open a video book. They open and automatically play. People have been putting videos of graduations, missed events, baby announcements, and some grandparents have even been sending them to their grandchildren reading books”, Kenny said.

You can select up to ten videos for you book, and design your cover and more at sendheirloom.com, if you use the code “WJTV” you can get $10 off, and if you send a book to someone turning 100, you can get a FREE video book.