Shoppers stock up on supplies ahead of freezing temperatures


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – With the threat of below freezing temperatures, people flocked to stores on Friday to stock up on supplies. When it comes to groceries, it’s always smart to think ahead when planning for a storm.

“I stocked up on different things, like juices, cereals, meats, canned items,” said LaQuandra Rogers, who shopped at the Kroger on I-55 Friday afternoon.

Charles Wade said he always grocery shops on Fridays, but this shop is a little heftier.

“I was out of milk, so everybody always gets milk. I bought a bunch of canned fruit, because it’s non-perishable,” he explained.

Pamela Brown said she’s also staying ahead of the storm.

“Canned goods. We have water. We have milk, eggs. So I think we’re pretty good,” she said.

Zion Israel loves working out at the gym, but this weekend he’ll be working out at home. He stocked up for his at-home workouts.

“I bought water, peanut butter, bread and tuna fish for protein, for my workouts, and I just bought them for the weekend,” explained Israel.

Neighbors said they don’t live in damage-prone neighbors, but they said it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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