Slain Mississippi State Trooper laid to rest in Hazelhurst


HAZLEHURST, Miss. (WJTV) – Mississippi State Trooper Lieutenant Troy Morris was laid to rest in Hazelhurst Saturday afternoon.

Law enforcement from all over came to show their respects to Lieutenant Morris, who was from Natchez.  He served 27-years in law enforcement.

Lt. Troy Morris died at 58 after being shot and killed near the Adams-Jefferson County on August 7 while off duty.

The coroner said it appeared Morris was changing a flat tire when he was shot.  Many people say that Morris was the type of person that had a lot of love for life.

“Lt Morris was a hard worker. He did his job everyday faithfully for 27 years, but he had fun too. I told them today that I can always remember one thing about him, was that at the end of any conversation you had with him, he ended it with a smile,” said Director of Mississippi Highway Patrol Randy Ginn.

Mississippi Highway Patrol was shown support after Morris’ passing by being joined on Saturday by other law enforcement members from in and out of state.

“It’s just touching to see the out pouring of support from our brothers in blue from all across the state of Mississippi and then as you said from Texas and Louisiana. Well wishers from all over the country in reality,” said Ginn.

Many members of the community also showed up to honor Morris’ life.

“When you go by a group of people standing on the side of the road and it’s 100 degrees outside and they’re standing there at attention with their hands on there hearts with flags, and signs and well wishes, it just touches you. And it reminds you that there’s more good people in the state of Mississippi than bad, and those good people support law enforcement, and it touches our hearts and it picks us up as we go down the road on an occasion like this,” expressed Ginn.

Three suspects have been arrested for Morris’ death and charged with murder.


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