Slippery situation: Jackson man struggles having trouble communicating with city about damaged pipe


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A Jackson man is worried that a broken water meter could send his water bills sky high – and he’s looking for some answers and some reassurance.

Richard Lawrence said it all started with a construction accident.

“Hemphill Construction is doing a lot of work here on State Street — which I’m very happy for — cracked our water meter,” Lawrence explained.

Lawrence said Hemphill immediately called the City of Jackson to sort things out but that later in the week, no one had taken action.

Lawrence said Hemphill called again – then  he took measures into his own hands, but still nothing.

Water from the broken meter has been trickling down by the gallon on Lawrence’s driveway and lawn. He is nervous that he will be unnecessarily charged an exuberant bill next month.

Lawrence is most frustrated by what he says is the lack of communication on the City’s end.

“If they’re too busy or something is happening so they can’t do it right now… fine!” Lawrence said. “But let me know so that I’m not sitting here going ‘am I gonna receive another bill that’s $400 for water running down the hill?’ when it could’ve been fixed easily.”

Lawrence added that without this meter being intact, Hemphill’s road construction process cannot continue.

We have reached out to the city for an official statement or interview, and so far have not received comment.

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