JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The year 2020 has been stressful for many, which is why a former teacher is bringing a business to Jackson that helps release some of the tension.

Marsey Randall, the owner of the Rage Room, is no stranger to stress and anxiety.

“I would take walks and do different things to kind of help me get past it, but then sometimes I just want to throw stuff. I figured that if I’m like that, there are other people, too, that need to just destress and let go sometimes,” said Randall.

After some research and mentoring, Randall decided to open the Rage Room.

“They come in and rage and just go, I’m the room, turn up the music and just scream and yell in a controlled atmosphere.”

Attendees can smash bottles and appliances with no clean up. High school freshman Arian Taylor said the facility helps her deal with stress.

“This generation is not the type to open up to adults and other people. We’re more so closed off to ourselves and have to deal with all our problems. So this will be a good way to express things,” stated Taylor.

There are a few safety rules and guidelines in place for attendees to follow before they can rage.