Sons of Confederate Veterans: ‘let the people decide’ on flag issue


JACKSON, Miss (WJTV)- Controversy surrounding Mississippi’s flag is gaining steam.

A push by lawmakers to change the flag is getting some resistance.

For the Sons of Confederate Veterans they say the flag issue is simple.

“Our thing is let the people vote on it,” said George Bond, Commander of the Mississippi division SCV.

A group of lawmakers with speaker Philip Gunn’s blessing are trying to gain support to vote on removing the state flag with the Confederate emblem on it.

“There’s not going to be any flag that every Mississippian is going to be 100 percent behind , whether it’s the Stennis Flag , the bicentennial flag, the current state flag or even the flag that was proposed in the 2001 referendum— people are always going to have different opinions about symbols,” said Bond.

For the group they say the flag represents Mississippi’s history that includes everyone who contributed to it.

“History is history there’s good parts of it, there’s bad parts of it, but at the end of the day we’re all Mississippians and at the end of the day we should decide our future,” said Bond.

Others say it’s racist and putsa black eye on Mississippi.

“To label it under one group, it’s everybody’s history , it’s everybody’s heritage for one group to be the only ones to claim that history or to claim that heritage that’s not right,” Bond said.

The civil war in large part was fought because of slavery.

The Confederate states lost the war.

Bond says no matter what — the power to change is in the hands of the voters.

“We don’t agree with the vote of the people being superseded by the legislature,” Bond said. “If it is to change let the people decided to change it not some back room deals within the legislature.”

It remains to be seen if anything legislatively this year can be done.

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