JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — A Jackson favorite’s time has come to a close in the District at Eastover, Sophomore Spanish Club.

Owner Ray-Scott Miller said they’ll be taking the resources that he used at Sophomore to invest in the sister restaurant next-door, Fine & Dandy.

For the next few months, they’ll be focusing on pandemic friendly outdoor dining accommodations that still work during the winter.

“How do we do that so that they’re also comfortable?” Miller asked, thinking out loud.

Miller said they’ll be getting creative to adding to the existing accommodations they already have.

“Is it heaters? Chimneys? Who knows. Nothing is off the table,” Miller said.

One of these features is “Covid-Cabanas,” what it does is it allows people to sit secluded away from other parties.

“We’re gonna work to try to figure those out quick,” Miller said.

Assistant manager Ezra Thompson explained an easy DIY fix.

“We like to keep our doors open and our windows open,” Thompson said. “Especially in the daytime when it’s a little bit warmer so there’s lots of airflow through and it’s not stuffy inside.”

Hannah Jahns has served at Fine & Dandy through some of the lowest points the last six months, she says a high point is finding ways to serve higher risk guests.

“We just kinda make sure we don’t seat anybody close to them,” Jahns said. “We’re definitely sanitizing the tables, double sanitizing if they’re being real cautious. Bringing to-go silverware, cups, stuff like that.”

All three staff members agree that they want guests at higher risk to feel like they can escape safely at Fine & Dandy, and that they’re open to suggestions.

Miller said that as for Sophomore Spanish Club goes, it’s not a goodbye, but a see you later for some time in the future.