CANTON, Miss. (WJTV) – The legalization of medical marijuana in Mississippi is still up in the air. Earlier this year, the Mississippi Supreme Court overturned a medical marijuana initiative that voters approved last fall.

However, one company is moving forward with their plans in Madison County. There is a vacant part of land on South Lake Circle near the Nissan plant in Canton that’s being transformed.

“Southern Sky Brands is a cannabis facility that we’re building here in Canton to support Mississippi’s medical marijuana program,” said Steve Merrit, COO of Southern Sky Brands.

Merrit said he’s watched people’s lives change from the use of the products at the other locations he has across the northeast.

“I have actually seen with my own eyes real people get real relief and help,” he stated.

Co-founder Justin Mahfouz is on the same page.

“We’re right at the beginning of the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, and what this medicine can do for people. We’re very excited and committed to doing the right thing and the right project for Mississippians,” said Mahfouz.

The two men said they’ve received a lot of support for their business plan, and they believe the green light is in the near future.