State After School Programs Threatened by Deficit


JACKSON, Miss. – School is back in session for students across the state, but with a possible $20 million deficit after school programs hang in the balance.

Thursday the Mississippi Department of Education announced they will no longer give grants to run over 100 of the state’s after school programs.

“We’re having to work with the United States Department of Education to determine what our options are and in doing so we are told it’s going to take a little bit of time,” State Superintendent, Dr. Carey Wright explained.

The state department of education says this error dates back to April when the Mississippi office of accounting notified the office of federal programs of a $2 million shortfall.

Wright says money was then improperly taken from Title 1, to cover the funds.

“It’s not an allowable expense for title 1, and that was in direct violation of all the federal program requirements,” she said.

The deficit for the learning grant money for after school programs is approximately $19.1 million,

this after the office of federal programs awarded more money in the 2015-2016 school year than available.

“I can’t recall this happening in any other districts that I’ve worked in these folks that made these decisions were experienced people so it comes at quite a blow,” Wright said. “I need you to know that. The last thing that I would ever want is to impact negatively any child in the state.”

Wright also told WJTV, so far three people have been fired in connection to the mistake. A mistake that will likely have far reaching impact on students and their parents.

These cutbacks will not impact the instructional school day.

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