State Forestry Commissioner recommends caution during dry period


Over 1,000 acres of land in Mississippi have been compromised by 49 fires since last Monday, according to the Executive Director of the State Forestry Commission, Russell Bozeman.

“Everywhere from the Tennessee line down to the coast,” Bozeman said.

After about three weeks of no rain in Mississippi, the state is currently at a higher risk than usual for wildfires.

“It just takes a small ember to start a fire, and when wind hits it it’ll take off running,” Bozeman said.

Since fires are usually human caused, Bozeman had a recommendation for anyone with a burning desire.

“We ask that people who want to use fire on a landscape, for starters make sure it’s not a windy day a lot of people like burning on windy days because they think it’ll burn better,” Bozeman said. “It will burn better, but it’ll also give you the greatest chance that that fire gets away from you and causes a lot of damage.”

Bozeman added that there is a time and a place to use fire, but it’s important to burn wisely.

“It’s very beneficial to the wild life, very beneficial to the plants and the forest that are growing, if used responsibly,” Bozeman said.

Bozeman explained that if the dry period continues we can expect burn bans to be issued.

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