State lawmakers weigh in on Initiative 65 special session


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Mississippi Secretary of State said he will not challenge a ruling that overturned Initiative 65. That puts the future of medical marijuana in the state in the hands of the legislature, but will there be a special session?

The Governor’s office repeatedly said he’s looking at all options on whether or not to call a special session. Lawmakers at the capitol are looking at what they can control amid the medical marijuana divide.

There’s a split over the Supreme Court’s ruling on Initiative 65 and whether there should be a special session.

“I think that the Supreme Court’s decision was within the mainstream of political thought,” said State Senator Hob Bryan (D- Miss.).

Sen. Bryan and Chairman of the Senate, Public Health and Welfare Committee calls attention to the text, a determining factor for whether or not a medical marijuana measure will be passed looking ahead.

“If there’s agreement between House and Senate or general agreement about the text, then that would be the basis for calling a special session.”

Republican State Senator Kevin Blackwell who efforted an alternative marijuana program said he’s spoken with the governor about calls to move forward with a special session on medical cannabis allowing enough time to hold hearings.

“Whatever comes out of the legislature in way of addressing medical marijuana issue ought to be as close to Initiative 65A when it passed,” said Sen. Blackwell.

Secretary of State Michael Watsons said he won’t petition the Supreme Court’s decision and adding not only should the legislature address medical marijuana, but it should also take steps to make moot any possible legal challenges to voter ID and eminent domain, both of which passed with overwhelming support from voters.

Senator Bryan who said he’s been a supporter of marijuana treatment for the better half of five decades, plans to hold a meeting with public health leaders in a week.

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