State leaders warn young party-goers large gatherings put others health in danger


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson Police and the city are condemning a massive block party thrown last night where hundreds of young adults filled Dixon Rd.

Officers broke up the party and linked it to the Jackson State community, state leaders are reacting with anger and plead for the public to be more responsible.

62 counties across Mississippi have been declining in Covid-19 case numbers and in the past three days combined the state’s total has been below 900. But recent large gatherings have state leaders worried we could see another spike coming.

“It really makes me angry how selfish it is,” Dr. Thomas Dobbs with MSDH said. “Right now we’re just making progress.”

Following a major block party busted off Dixon Rd. Governor Reeves and State Health Officer Dr. Dobbs weigh in on how these can set us back.

“That could lead to become super spreader events,” Gov. Reeves stated.

“If someone’s having a party don’t go, and if you’re putting up a party know that you’re breaking the law,” Dr. Dobbs explained. “We spoke to other college presidents and they’re committed if people go to parties or host parties it is a violation of the honor code of the university and there will be Repercussions.”

Under Executive Order 1511, the current rule beginning with order 1992 on outdoor gatherings of any kind cannot exceed 20 people and those present must be spaced out 6-ft. apart at all times.

“Overall transmission has been declining and we want that to continue, we want our kids to stay in school,” Gov. Reeves added. “And we’ve had our first college football game. And for individuals to make more spread the more difficult it makes life for everyone else.”

Charts from the Department of Health show adults 18-29 lead the state by more than 6,000 cases. Including 17 deaths. Experts point this trend to careless parties keeping COVID thriving in the age group.

“It’s those after hour social events that are our Achilles heel,” Dr. Dobbs said. “So it’s a different sort of vulnerability than what we saw before. What we worry about is getting sick and taking it back home. Reseeding the community.”

For all the rules in Governor Reeves Executive Order click here. If you see any illegal behavior when it comes to Covid-19 guidelines you are urged to call your local police or sheriff’s office.


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