State Rep. Doug McLeod found not guilty of hitting wife


State Rep. Doug McLeod

Gulf Coast Representative Doug McLeod has been cleared of domestic violence charges after his wife testified in court on his behalf.

McLeod was charged back in May when George County deputies answered a call at his house. According to the incident report, McLeod was drunk and allegedly became upset when he approached his wife for sex and she was not removing her clothes quickly enough.

Despite the reprieve in court, House Speaker Philip Gunn issued a release condemning McLeod’s behavior.

“This whole situation is still very concerning, not only to me, but to many other members of the House of Representatives. The court may have found Representative McLeod not guilty, but as a member of the Mississippi Legislature to find yourself in this situation – it is still an issue. As we have done with other matters, we will refer this to the House Ethics Committee for further consideration,” said Gunn.

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