JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The 164th Mississippi State Fair will open to the public on Thursday, October 5.

Michael Lasseter, director of the State Fairgrounds, said crews were making last-minute preparations on Wednesday, including ride inspections and hiring fairworkers.

Lasseter said he wants everyone to be able to come out and enjoy the annual event.

“We’ll get all the rides inspected to make sure they’re safe. We also have food inspections that are actively  going on. Those will all be done, and we’ll be ready to go tomorrow at 11:00 at general public. It’s going to be a great fair. Everybody’s going to love it this year. We got a lot new attractions, so come on out and bring your families,” he said.

Organizers said there will be more than 50 rides and more than 80 food vendors at this year’s state fair.