JACKSON, Miss (WJTV) – Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch joined 34 other Attorney Generals to recommend better consumer protections against airlines to the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT).

In the recommendations letter, the attorney generals said airlines have more leverage than average consumers, leaving those consumers with little recourse when flights are delayed or canceled.

The coalition asks USDOT to adopt a new framework that will allow attorney generals to get a prompt response and assistance when they bring consumer complaints to the agency. Other recommendations in the letter include:

  • Airlines should be required to provide refunds when delays exceed a floor number of hours.
  • USDOT should make clear that the agency will impose significant fines for cancellations or extended delays that are not weather-related or otherwise unavoidable.
  • Airlines should be required to provide partial refunds to passengers when cancellations result in a rescheduled flight that the passenger may accept but are later, longer or otherwise less valuable to the consumer.
  • Airlines should be prohibited from advertising and selling flights that they do not have adequate personnel to fly and support.
  • USDOT should prohibit airlines from canceling flights while upselling consumers more expensive alternative flights to the same destinations.
  • USDOT should require that credits and vouchers for future travel that are provided by airlines in the event of cancellation can be used easily without inappropriate limitations.