State Auditor Shad White says two former employees at Coahoma Community College embezzled nearly a million dollars from the school. He wants it paid back… with interest. And he’s turned the case over to the Coahoma County District Attorney’s office.

The demand letter lays out claims Gwendolyn Jefferson and Stacie Neal conspired to embezzle money from Coahoma Community College by creating false purchase documents and making personal purchases with credit cards and checks belonging to the community college. From 2013-2017, Jefferson and Neal made over $750,000 in purchases from local and online retailers for shoes, watches, a chandelier, and many other items. 

With interest and investigative costs, that total comes to $981,600. 

 State Auditor Shad White said: “All of the credit for uncovering this massive embezzlement scheme goes to the whistleblowers at the community college and agents in our office. This case involved multiple college procurement cards and a large number of illegal transactions. Our investigators had to plow through college records, which had been falsified by these employees, bank records, and sales records. The end result was over a hundred spreadsheet pages in the investigative file. These employees conspired together, watching each other’s back, to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from the students at this community college and the taxpayers.”

The case has been under investigation for a year. Today the Auditor’s office delivered the case to District Attorney Brenda Mitchell in Clarksdale.