BREAKING: Jury selected in Jessica Chambers murder case



A jury has been selected in the #JessicaChambers case. #QuintonTellis is being accused of murdering her. The jury composition includes:
5-Black Females
4-Black Males
3- White Males
3- White Females 

3 of them are alternates. 

Jurors will leave by bus for Batesville where the trial will be held.


Jury selection began Monday in the Jessica Chambers murder case.

Quinton Tellis is charged with capital murder. He was tried last year for allegedly burning Chambers alive but the proceedings ended in a mistrial.

Lawyers began the arduous process of seating a second jury out of a pool of three hundred people in Starkville. Just after noon, they had narrowed it down to around 50 potential jurors.
The prosecution went first asking people to remain objective and to use common sense. They also wanted to make sure jurors were medically okay to withstand the duration of the trial. 

Attorneys also asked if anyone had been the victim of a violent crime or knew anyone who had.

One of Quinton Tellis’ lawyers spent the majority of question on the publicity surrounding the case.

They also wanted to know if any potential jurors knew any of the witnesses in the case, and one did. 

Selected jurors are packing their bags and will return to the courthouse to take a bus to Batesville where the trial will take place. 


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