Bryant won’t appoint himself to Cochran’s seat


Jackson, Miss. (WJTV) — Talk of U.S. Senator Thad Cochran’s retirement due to poor health continued Tuesday with speculation over who will fill his seat.

Already, Democrat Mike Espy has expressed interest in running.

There has also been speculation that Republican Governor Phil Bryant might appoint himself.

He dismissed that idea today, “I just think it would be difficult. I could not appoint myself. There’s something nefarious about the idea of a Governor appointing himself. Washington is not where I want to be just now. I want to finish my term and responsibility as Governor.”

The special election for U.S. Senate will be the same day as the general election which is November 6th.

Gov. Bryant said today he expects to appoint someone to hold Cochran’s spot by April 11th, “I think what I want is someone that can serve for 20 and 25 years. Someone that can go there and be the next Thad Cochran, Trent Lott. And we have people nowadays that that can happen with a number of candidates that are hopefully willing to listen to the proposition of leaving Mississippi and going to work in Washington.”

WJTV also spoke with State Senator Chris McDaniel of Laurel. He says he’s still weighing his options, deciding whether to remain in the race against incumbent Senator Roger Wicker or make a move for Cochran’s seat.

WJTV asked, what factors are going into his decision?

“There’s no one thing. There’s no one thing. It’s kind of premature to speculate at this time,” says McDaniel. “Basically I’m just respecting Sen. Cochran at this time and praying for his health and happiness and as far as the future, you know, basically, it’s in God’s hands. He has a plan and he has his timing. He has his season for everything.”

The special election is a non-partisan election and there is no primary, meaning all candidates would run against each other.

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