MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — A man is dead after a shooting in a Marshall County, Mississippi town, the Marshall County coroner confirmed Monday.

Jeffery Kane Sartin, 28, was killed in the shooting on Betts Road about ten miles south of Potts Camp around 2:20 a.m., Coroner James Anderson said.

Sartin was killed by a single gunshot behind a home on Betts Road. Anderson also said the shot was fired by his father Jeffery D. Sartin.

Donnie Christian lives in Benton County and heard about the fatal shooting early Monday. He said bad news like this has a habit of traveling fast.

“A friend of mine in New Albany this morning told me, and he lives in Ripley, and he wanted to know who it was,” he said.

We did run into several people in Potts Camp who said they knew Sartin but none of them would go on camera and talk about the man or his death.

Anderson would not comment on what led to the shooting and referred us to Marshall County Sheriff’s Investigators.

But Christian said regardless of the reason, a family is changed forever.

“I don’t know the man but I just think it’s a crying shame that father kills son. It’s sad. I don’t know the man, I just think it’s sad for the community and everything else,” he said.

We reached out several times today to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department for more information but no one returned our calls.

Anderson said the father was taken into custody but he doesn’t know if he was charged.