JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The 163rd Mississippi State Fair will open on Thursday, and safety crews are hard at work inspecting rides.

Organizers said safety is top priority, and crews were working on Wednesday to check more than 60 rides for even the smallest of concerns. North American Midway Entertainment is in charge of carefully inspecting each ride.

“We have a third-party inspection group that comes in. In fact, they are working right now. They have been here since the first trailer came on the lot. They will approve rides for the use of our guests,” said Michael Hupalo, safety director at North American Midway Entertainment.

Rides will be extensively searched for safety concerns. Crews said even the smallest of problems could cause an accident. Inspections will continue daily after the fair begins.

Fairground Director Michel Lasseter said he’s confident this year’s fair will be safe.

“I myself have a family, and I’m comfortable putting them on rides. Also, we want families to come out, enjoy this great event. It’s going to be nice weather, and they can feel secure when they get on these rides. They are going to be safe and secure,” said Lasseter.

Any ride that does not meet Mississippi inspection laws will be shut down until they are repaired and re-inspected.

Inspection crews urge guests to check for any height or weight limits before getting on a ride. The fair will open at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, October 6 and will run until October 16.