GRENADA COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – On Wednesday, State Auditor Shad White announced a former Grenada County Deputy Chancery Clerk pled guilty to grand larceny.

A demand letter of $16,894.49 was served to Vicky Blaylock.

White said Blaylock stole more than $34,000 from the county land redemption account by removing cash payments and altering computer records to conceal her crime.

“This is another example of one person holding too much control over the spending of a government office,” said White. “If you work in a county or city government, please make sure you divide duties to make it harder for someone to get away with a crime like this. And if you’re stealing, know that we are watching.”

As part of the court proceedings, Blaylock paid $26,148.15 as restitution for her crime.