NESHOBA COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – There’s plenty of hot air at the Neshoba County Fair, but the podium under the pavilion is where all the politicians are generating that hot air. The folks at the cabins, they’ve got their own reasons for being here.

Mostly, this is a getaway. Away from reality, or at least away from the real world for a week or ten days. You can tell by the names they’ve given their cabins what they expect of them. Hideouts and nesting places, mostly or anchors that hold scattered families together.

Speaking of the cabins, these are just the latest materialization of the accommodations for folks coming to the fair and staying for the run of it, instead of having to travel back and forth to the farm everyday. The family tree of Tony Johnson’s family is tacked to the front of their cabin. Not only are these people all kin folks, but after generations, they all own a slice of this cabin. Complicated for such simple beginnings.

“This spot is where my great granddaddy used to come and park his mule wagon. They’d camp out before cabins were cabins were ever built here,” said Tony Johnson, a visitor of the Neshoba County Fair.

Tony said the first cabin on this spot was more or less a lean-too. Then, this cabin replaced it over half a century ago. This cabin is the center of the family during the Neshoba County Fair. Someone said they’ve had as many as 75 people for meals here at one time. They didn’t all sleep here. But they congregated here.

People who don’t have cabins come to the Neshoba County Fair for the carnival rides and the harness races on the horse track in the afternoon or the entertainment at night. Or, like today, for the politics. Or, just to go to visit a place that is like no other place they’ve ever been or are likely to go.