JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Family members of Emmett Till and supporters rallied outside the Leflore County District Attorney’s Office, demanding justice for the kidnapping and murder of Till.

Till’s family and supporters traveled from across the state, meeting on the steps of the Greenwood Courthouse to demand that prosecutor Dewayne Richardson reopen the case.

Prescilla Sterling, cousin to Emmett Till, called out Governor Tate Reeves (R-Miss.) noting that he has yet to speak on the family’s efforts to bring the alleged suspect, Carolyn Bryant Donham, to justice.

Family members said they will continue to seek for the arrest and prosecution of Bryant Donham because Mamie Till asked them to fight for justice for the wrongful kidnapping and murder of her son.

“Well, we want her to go to trial and tell the truth. When I was a young girl, six and 17-years-old, I would spend my summers in Chicago. Mamie and I would gave breakfast every morning, and she would tell me, ‘Laura, Bo didn’t do that. Bo was a good son.’ If you had a warrant, they would come and get you no matter what. Medgar Evers got justice. Why shouldn’t Emmet Till get justice?”

The Emmett Till Justice for Families Foundation is planning a nationwide justice event that will be in Jackson on August 28.