JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Mississippi’s nickname as the Hospitality State holds true, as its drivers are the 13th most polite in the country. 

This stems from a recent report from Forbes, which notes a 135% increase in road rage incidents nationwide. Southern hospitality seems to be non-existent on many roadways, as five states in the South – West Virginia, Virginia, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Texas – are in the top ten for most confrontational drivers. 

In Mississippi, 7% of motorists said another driver has exited their vehicle to yell or fight with them. Over 17%, or more than one in six drivers, experience road rage frequently. Though that may seem high, it’s lower than America’s most hostile state, Arizona, where the numbers are around 31% for those two metrics. 

Below are the top things that cause road rage nationally:

  • Heavy traffic (39.35%)
  • Already feeling stressed (38.06%)
  • Running late (33.89%)
  • Already feeling angry (32.49%)
  • Feeling tired (26.86%)

To help avoid future episodes of road rage or anger, download the Mississippi Department of Transportation’s traffic app, available on the App Store and Google Play. It provides real-time traffic conditions throughout the state and can help users avoid highly congested areas or accidents on their route.