GULFPORT, Miss. (AP) — Animal shelters across the Mississippi Gulf coast are coping with too many animals and too few staffers and volunteers.

The Sun Herald reports that one shelter, the Jackson County Animal Shelter, is being forced to considering euthanizing healthy, adoptable dogs.

Kennels are stacked on top of each other with dogs of all ages and breeds at the Humane Society of South Mississippi in Gulfport. The shelter has 500 animals, more than it can handle.

“It’s a capacity crisis,” said Katie King, the shelter’s development director.

The Humane Society, like many other businesses and organizations on the Coast, is struggling to fill job vacancies during a tight labor market.

It’s a similar story at the Jackson County Animal Shelter.

When the Jackson County shelter is at its capacity, staffers are forced to euthanize animals that are not considered adoptable — those that are aggressive or so sick they cannot be treated by the shelter’s vets.

“But we are running short on animals that are not adoptable and we are fearful that we will have to do some that are to make space,” shelter director Joseph Barlow said.

HSSM and the Jackson County Animal Shelter are looking for volunteers, as well as donations including cleaning supplies, food, treats and more.