JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – As wars continue across the world, information is becoming more accessible thanks to social media and the 24-hour news cycle.

Dr. Robin Gurwitch, a psychologist at Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina, has studied the impact of dangerous images shown to children and how it affects their mental and emotional health.

“When we think about the impact of mass violence on children and youth, the answer is very simple. It’s not good. It’s terrible. So, we see with children exposed to mass violence, to terrorism, the greater risk for anxiety,” Gurwitch said.

The conflicts in the Middle East are taking a heavy toll on adults and children in the United States.

Gurwitch said it’s important for parents to check in with their kids to help make sure they understand what’s going on.

“Social media is now a part of our lives, and oftentimes times, parents and other caregivers really don’t know what kids are seeing, what kids are doing on social media. So first and foremost, it is critical that you take a look. If you’ve got younger children that are on social media, please make sure the parental controls are on,” Gurwitch stated.

The psychologist said everyone should take time to step back from social media.