BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. (WJTV) – The two officers who were shot and killed outside a Bay St. Louis motel on December 14 were laid to rest on Wednesday, December 21.

The joint funeral for Sgt. Steven Robin and Officer Branden Estorffe was held at the Bay St. Louis Community Center.

WLOX reported members of multiple communities paid their respects to the two men who were killed in the line of duty. Law enforcement agencies from across Mississippi, as well as Alabama, Arkansas, and the northeast, paid their respects.

During the service, Father Jacob Matthew of St. Clair Catholic Church led a prayer.

“In all of that 20 years, I had the same question many of you have asked… ‘Why, God? Why them? Why now? Why couldn’t you have left them to be among us to grow old and see their children and grandchildren?’” Matthew said.

However, Matthew was able to find the silver lining of these tragic events.

“We are all here to do something special in our lives, regardless of what trade or vocation we have now, but we’re all called to do something special in our lives, and after listening to stories of Steven and Branden, I think they lived that out,” he said.

Governor Tate Reeves (R-Miss.) also spoke at the funeral for the two officers.

“Today, we come together to mourn the loss of two Mississippi heroes while also celebrating the enduring legacy they leave behind,” Reeves said. “We reflect on their many contributions to our state while also remembering their selfless sacrifice on behalf of others. Today, we pay tribute to two brave law enforcement officers whose watch has ended and who were taken from us way too soon but also today, we stand alongside the families and we stand alongside our law enforcement community to help uplift them during this difficulty.”